Raven is an NFT artist and musician on the blockchain. She produces different genres with different aliases.

Her main music is a mix of EDM, Rap and a very unique signature sound, which you cannot put into any existing genre. She just calls it “Raventronic”.

Raven began rapping to deal with a heartbreak. It’s well-known that creativity blossoms most when you’re devastated – and Raven realized that she could actually rap. A woman in hip hop and music production is always a rare specimen. But Raven has no need to imitate the boys. She does, raps and produces her own thing. Raven has something to say and she wants to be heard.

She made her own coin on the Hive blockchain: $RAVEN. And is currently working on her own NFT project which will be all around music and gaming. So be excited about the reign of the Raven queen that is currently being built!

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