Tokenizing The Music Industry

Music Store | Streaming | Distribution

NFT Collections | Musician DAO Funds | Metaverse Concerts

Launching on Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and HIVE

The show begins in December 2021

Our mission is to give control of the music industry to the musicians and to treat music like the rare art that it is!

Blockchain allows artists to receive compensation for their work many times over in ways that will traditional labels cannot offer. You and your hard work are no longer just a product for someone else to capitalize on. Music is fine art, it should be treated that way!

What we will be offering musicians

The BlockTunes store will be a multi-vendor store where whitelisted artist will have their own music and merchandise store. For merchandise, we provide a print on demand service built and managed by our partners at the Hivelist Store. All the artist has to do is upload the digital design to their store, fill out the POD submission form, and our partners do the rest. When merchandise is ordered from your store, you will be paid out a portion of the profits on the 1st or 15th of the month directly to the artist’s DAO. The artist will earn 70% of the profit from the sale minus production costs, taxes, and shipping. For music downloads, BlockTunes only takes a 5% commission on sales and pays out to the artist DAO on the 1st and 15th of the month for any sales occurred between those days.

We are also in the planning phases of starting a streaming service once we start building a large enough library of music. Plans for development of this feature are currently in the works and will not be ready for the initial launch.

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, give you the ability to treat your music like fine art. You can create rare tokenized versions of your works and sell them as collectible pieces of art. NFTs can be used as a creator copyright licenses, proving you are the creator of the work as well as sell the limited commercial use rights and the NFT will act as the proof of rights or ownership of something; sort of a certificate of authenticity. The opportunities are endless! Future use of BlockTunes NFTs will also be used for tickets and memberships to future VR/Metaverse concerts and events!

A DAO is short for a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. We work with the XDAO platform to help you create your own tokenized DEFI backed fund that will help you earn a living and pay for your expenses while you do what you do best, create awesome music! Your DAO will come with it’s own Governance Token which will give holders voting power to your DAO and an investment LP token, allowing people to invest in YOU. Your NFT collections and other distribution profits will be set to pay directly into your DAO which increases your token’s value!

The Metaverse is the next big wave in technology meets society. In these crazy times with mandates and travel restrictions, it can make it extremely difficult for people to attend events. That is where the Metaverse is going to come into play. It’s already started with platforms like Altspace VR and blockchain based platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox. The amount of events in the Metaverse are growing so we plan to jump onboard and host live Metaverse concerts and events for our artists to play live for fans all over the world!

We assist artists in releasing their music to as many of the blockchain based services as we can partner with! We have partnered with the Hivelist Store as our first distribution platform for music downloads as well as using our own internal music store. We are also making plans to distribute to Audius and other blockchain streaming and video platforms like and

If you have a blockchain based music platform and would like to partner with us, please send us an email.

All an artist will have to do is submit their work with the information needed and select what package they would like and we do the rest! We will collect rewards from all platforms on your behalf and pay the profits directly to your DAO fund.

We also assist artists on distributing their music to the traditional stores and streaming platforms using our distribution channels that will also set up sync licensing opportunities and get you registered for royalties through ASCAP or BMI. In this case we will act as the publisher, or label if you will, and will disperse sale profits that come in quarterly directly to your DAO.

BlockTunes will also be offering artist website creation services. If you want to have your own site where you can sell your music, NFTs, merch, and operate your DAO all under your artist branding, we can build you your own blockchain music platform! If you don’t want to spend the money or deal with the hassle of having your own website, then feel free to use what we have built for you!

Mixing and Mastering services will be offered to artists at a discount from our partner, Groove Logic Productions.

We have partnered with the Hivelist Store which will be our first outside download music store partner. They are also partnering with us on providing print on demand services for merchandise. On top of that, they are the ones that are building and managing the store platform her on BlockTunes!

Hivelist is an ecommerce platform on the HIVE social blockchain that utilizes it’s own native LIST token. It has a blockchain based classifieds platform where you can advertise your releases, as well as an NFT Marketplace where you can mint NFTs using the LIST token and your Hive account. BlockTunes is a whitelisted account so we will utilize that as well to sell NFTs for things like concert tickets, or other uses. We will be utilizing the Hivelist NFT Market as our Hive Based NFT market.

The Hivelist Store is a not so traditional, multivendor, ecommerce store built on WordPress that utilizes cryptocurrency payment tools to accept a variety of payment options, yes, that includes credit and debit cards. We can list artist merchandise for sale using the Hivelist Print on Demand fulfillment service so fans can support in the physical world as well.

Commissions are paid once a month directly to your DAO. Payments will be made in BUSD on BSC and USDC on Polygon.

We will also be utilizing the Hive blockchain for our primary on-chain posting platform using the account name @blocktunes. We have also created a full social community on the Hive blockchain called BlockTunes.Social. The goal is to hopefully raise enough capital through GT NFT sales that we can have our own Hive outpost with our own Hive Token and NFT platform, which isn’t cheap these days.

Current Roadmap Details

Q4- 2021

Working on building the BlockTunes social presence and begin preliminary marketing campaigns. Continue to research and build relationships with blockchain based music services work with and get our main accounts established.

Continuing to build out the website with full information pages on the BlockTunes DAO, services pages, artist/musician whitelisting submission forms, multiple NFT collections to get started, and more. We will be manually approving our artists to make sure you really are who you say you are, in this digital age, it is easy to steal other artists’ work and call it your own, so we need to verify. This will be done mainly through social media verification. Whitelisted artists will be able to mint NFTs in any of the open NFT collections, but we will be handling minting on any other collections, such as a specific artist or album collection. This will keep from any other whitelisted artist to mint NFTs in your specific collections.

The OpenTunes NFT collection will be a place where whitelisted artists will be able to mint NFTs for the price of network gas, put up for sale or auction or just keep or transfer. A Creator Copyright Collection which will be an another open collection for whitelisted artists to come and copyright their work on the blockchain. This will serve as their master copy of their work that they are producing. Terms of service will apply and are being created.

Governance Board NFT Sale – December 2021

Want to have a vote in the future of the music industry?

We are selling NFTs to represent voting board seats for the overall BlockTunes DAO and those that purchase the NFTs will be issued the DAO governance token (BTD on BSC and pBTD on Polygon) at a ratio of 1:1. Meaning for every NFT you purchase, you get that many governance tokens. 1 token equals 1 vote. By having governance in the DAO, you have a vote in how the DAO funds are allocated. You can even create a vote for the other members of the DAO can vote on. A 51% majority is required for a vote to pass and then can be activated by the member who initiated the vote.

The funds from each Voting Board NFT sale will be allocated in the following manner:

30% of the sale will be paid to the development team to cover expenses and additional start up costs. What is not used for these purposes will be used to purchase LP tokens in both DAOs to increase the AUM.

The remaining 70% will be sent to the DAO and the NFT owner will receive 100 LP tokens along with 1 GT per NFT purchased. For example, if you purchase a Voting Board NFT on BSC, then you will be issued GT and LP tokens for the BSC DAO. If you purchase your Voting Board NFT on Polygon, then you will get the GT and LP tokens for the Polygon DAO.

This DEFI backed DAO will be set up into AMM Liquidity Mining farms on each platform that provide the best income returns to fund expenses for the platform such as development, servers, maintenance, and marketing/onboarding expenses. The sales from the NFTs will funnel into the DAO on that specific blockchain and will be put to work in development of the platform, and earning farming rewards to use as cash flowing income for the platform and future investor dividends.


LP Investment Tokens Are Currently On Sale In The DAO!