Bringing Music To The Blockchain

BlockTunes is a platform built by independent musicians for independent musicians. Our mission is to take back control of the music industry and to treat music like the rare art that it is!

Blockchain allows artists to receive compensation for their work many times over in ways that traditional industry cannot offer such as NFTs, DAOs, and more!

Fans can enjoy and purchase fresh music, collect and resell rare music NFTs, purchase royalty free licensing rights, and invest in our DAO and be a part and help fund of the future of the music industry!

The BlockTunes store is where artists will have their own music and merchandise store. For merchandise, we provide a print on demand service built and managed by our partners at the Hivelist Store. All the artist has to do is fill out the POD submission form, upload your Hi-Res image to the form, and our partners do the rest.

When artists release music using our BlockTunes Release Submission Service, their music gets loaded for standard download and streaming, as well as they get a print on demand t-shirt and hoodie with the album cover added to their store!

Artists will have the ability to create external products in their store which is what we use for NFTs that the artists may have minted on other markets and blockchains, for example: for ETH and Polygon, on WAX, or Hive based markets like,, and Hivelist NFTs, etc. Artists will be able to link their fans directly to those external products from their BlockTunes artist store.

NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, give you the ability to treat your music like fine art. Artists can create rare tokenized versions of their works and sell them as collectible pieces of art. NFTs are a digital collectibles or certificate of authenticity. They can be sold with private rights, which only allows the buyer to resell it in our marketplace, or royalty free rights which allows the owner to use the work in videos, commercials, etc. The artist minting the NFT and BlockTunes will both receive a 10% commission on any resells from the OpenTunes Marketplaces.

Our OpenTunes RARE collection is now up and running. This collection is for those rare one of a kind pieces that you want to treat as a piece of fine art.

Our OpenTunes EDITIONS collection will be available in Quarter 3, 2022! This collection will allow artists to mint several editions, or copies, of the same song, for example: 1 of 25 editions, or 1 of 100 editions, whatever you choose.

BlockTunes artists can use the Feed to post any mixes from places like Mixcloud, Soundcloud, or even videos from YouTube and more. Fans will be able to interact through comments, creating an engaging experience for all and giving the artist a way to receive feedback!

Our Feed is also connected to the Hive blockchain. Artists will be able to add their Hive account in their user profile so that when they post to our site, their post will be solidified forever on the blockchain and has the ability to earn crypto rewards! Anyone interested in getting a Hive account can do so through our partner, Hivelist.

BlockTunes offers different artist and label services such as mixing and mastering, branded website and blockchain services, public relation services and more. Our services are either offered by our in house team or through our partner service providers.

Verified artists and labels will be able to access these services via the Artist Central page that will show in your ‘My Account’ dropdown.

BlockTunes Release Submission service just covers the BlockTunes site exclusively but gets you allot of value including merchandise, royalty free NFT bundles, PR review, and more!

Our BlockTunes PLUS package includes everything from the standard release as well as distribution other blockchain based stores and streaming services such as the Hivelist NFT marketplace, Audius, Emanate, and more as they are developed in this growing space! The PLUS package is everything you will need to distribute your music to not only the blockchain marketplaces, but to the mainstream as well! We will act as the publisher with the distribution company and get your music out to Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, TikTok, and more!

All an artist will have to do is select what package they would like, submit their work with the information needed, and we do the rest! Once registered as an artist, you will access this through the Artist Central page!

If you know artists or bands and refer them to us and they use our submission services, you will get and NFT representing each artist you refer! Hold that NFT in your wallet and you will receive 5% of the monthly DAO dividends as a payment for artist referral!

So it pays to go out and find good independent artists who want to get their feet wet in the crypto game!

The Metaverse is the next big wave in technology meets society. In these crazy times with mandates and travel restrictions, it can make it extremely difficult for people to attend events. That is where the Metaverse is going to come into play. It’s already started with platforms like Altspace VR and blockchain based platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox. The amount of events in the Metaverse are growing so we plan to jump onboard and host live Metaverse concerts and events for our artists to play live for fans all over the world!

We are hoping to have our first metaverse event in Quarter 3, 2022

For Metaverse events we are now partnered with

Anyone Can Listen, Only Few Can Be Owners!

As a BlockTunes fan, you can find new, fresh music from up and coming artists who value their independence from the mainstream music industry! You can always listen for free, but true ownership is only available to a few! NFTs give fans a way to not only enjoy their music, but actually own it as a piece of tradable and re-sellable art!

Fans can shop in our store and purchase merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more with artist cover art, logos, etc! Many items come with music downloads attached with your order! And the best part… You get to pay in crypto!

BlockTunes Super Fan Club

The BlockTunes Super Fan Club NFT pass will get access to the exclusive BlockTunes Social Club where you will get pre-release information, be able to chat with artists, the BlockTunes team and more! This will also grant you access to special events and private channels in our Discord Server and more!

***BlockTunes Super Fan Club COMING SOON***

Are you ready to bring your music into the world of blockchain?

Sign up as a BlockTunes artist today and you can get the following:

Your first bTUNES token to give you ownership in the DAO!

Special access NFT that gets you into the exclusive BlockTunes Social Club and governance voting! *COMING SOON*

Ability to mint Music NFTs in the OpenTunes NFT collections and start selling right away!

An Artist Store where your items can be sold or linked to! Link external NFTs and sell your merchandise!

An Artist Bio page that will contain bio information, links, direct to artist tipping with Hive and BSC, RSS feeds, playlists, and more!

Ability to post mixes and music blogs to the Blocktunes Feed. This can also send your posts to the Hive blockchain if you have an account which can earn you more crypto rewards! If you do not have a Hive account, we can help!

Get access to the Artist Central and your store dashboard. Start customizing and listing external NFTs to display them all in one place. Get discounts on services like website design, mixing and mastering, PR services, and use our BlockTunes release submission service!

Independent record labels are welcome on BlockTunes as well!

We can assist you in creating your own label DAO, tokens, NFT collections and more!

If you would like to create your own NFT site for your independent record label, similar to what we are building here, we have services to help with that as well!

Label sign up coming soon!

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