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Anyone Can Earn the $MUSIC Token

Join our music social community on the Hive blockchain and earn our $MUSIC Token! $MUSIC is used to purchase NFTs or can be staked to earn a percentage of our DAO revenue!

Worldwide Music Distribution Service

You create and upload your music, we do the rest! Using our BlockTunes PLUS Release Service, we send your music to more than 30 of the most popular outlets. We collect and convert all earnings for the reporting period into HBD and distribute the funds to your Hive wallet, minus our 10% cut which helps us keep the lights on. Some of those networks include but are not limited to:


iTunes/Apple Music


YouTube Music

TikTok Music

Soundtrack by Twitch

Pandora Radio




Instagram & Facebook


Additional Artist Services

Are you ready to bring your music to the next level?

Sign up as a BlockTunes PRO artist today and you can get the following:

BlockTunes PRO artists also get a 15% discount on our release service and additional services including mixing and mastering and our technical services!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions, then feel free to reach out on Hive, Discord, or Twitter and we will be happy to help!

BlockTunes is a platform that is trying to liberate the independent music industry and show artists a new way to earn a living through traditional and not-so-traditional means. Our mission is to turn music into fine art again.

Fans can discover and connect with new musicians, and get rewarded in $Hive, $HBD, and $MUSIC tokens using our blockchain social media network! Those rewards can then be used to purchase NFTs, or music and merchandise from the store!

We offer artists a way to distribute their music to the global stage through mainstream distribution as well as the option to mint limited edition NFTs that give their fans ownership of their music in a way that they never have before! These NFTs can then be used for special access memberships, event tickets, and more!

Our BlockTunes Release service is open to all musicians and will get your music distributed not only on our store but to mainstream streaming platforms as well! We convert all earnings into stablecoins and pay you accordingly.

If you want to step up your game, become a BlockTunes PRO artist and get your own retail store, artist bio page, and access to our Polygon based NFT collection. Artists can then post to our on-site feed which also goes to the blockchain and earns crypto!

NFTs, or non fungible tokens, are a digital representation of ownership, like a certificate of authentication. Unlike a normal crypto token, NFTs give creators the ability to actually tokenize their music and art and sell in a limited fashion like the old days of vinyl and CDs, just in a digital way.

NFTs give music the collectible value it deserves. After all, music is art, so it should be treated as such. Music NFTs can be resold on the market and can be used for other purposes like sending special access content, tickets, airdrops, etc.

Artists have a choice to create collectible music NFTs on our Hive NFT marketplace simply and easily with a Hive account and some $MUSIC tokens.

Artists have the choice to mint NFTs with private (collectable only) or limited reproduction rights. With the limited reproduction rights, those who purchase the NFT have the rights to use the song in their own commercial works such as YouTube videos, games, film, and more! Artists are encouraged to ask more for these types of NFTs because it gives the same as royalty free rights to the purchaser.

We have 2 ways you can become a part of the BlockTunes family, the free way, or the paid way with a PRO account.

Whitelisting can take 1-3 business days as this is a manual process on our end.

Free account

You can become a BlockTunes artist for free by simply creating a free Hive account and getting started posting your music to our social network and earning $HIVE, $HBD, and $MUSIC tokens. Once you have your Hive account, you can get whitelisted on our Hive-based NFT marketplace and get started minting your music with $MUSIC tokens. When you whitelist on the NFT marketplace on Hive, we will automatically create an account on the main site, which then opens you up to being able to mint on our Polygon NFT markets.

Free accounts also get access to the BlockTunes Release Service which gets your music distributed to all of the major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more.

PRO account

The PRO version of the BlockTunes artist account comes with other benefits. One, if you do not yet have a Hive account, we will set one up for you and send you the private keys. PRO artists also get the ability to have their own retail store in which they can sell their music and merchandise, as well as link external NFTs on other markets and blockchains.

They also get an artist bio page that is manually created by our team that lists your social links, links to your artist store, showcases a playlist of your work, and a post feed from your Hive account! Not only that, there is a section where people can tip using $Hive, $HBD, $MUSIC, and other select Hive Engine tokens, as well as a QR code to tip using the Bitcoin Lightning network, which gets automatically exchanged and you receive the tip in Hive!

Other benefits include discounted artist services like song mixing, mastering, cover creation, NFT video creation, website services, PR services, and more!

Artists can get paid in a few different ways. We have rewards from blog posts and curation on our community, $MUSIC token staking, NFT sales, store sales, and streaming services income.

Blog Posts and Post Curation

Artists can get paid by simply sharing music-related content on our blockchain-based community! All you need is a HIVE account and you can start posting your music on the blockchain! Other users in the community upvote your post and that’s how you earn! The more popular you get in the community the more you can make! Artists can also get paid by upvoting and commenting on other musicians’ posts. This is called post-curation and is another form of income on the Hive blockchain. Both artists and other community users will earn not only the $MUSIC token but also $HIVE and $HBD which is the Hive Backed Dollar stablecoin.

$MUSIC Token Staking

When you earn some $MUSIC tokens, you can either save them up to buy some NFTs in the marketplace, or you can put them to work by staking them in your BlockTunes wallet and you will be in the lottery to earn more $MUSIC tokens via staking rewards! These tokens can also be traded for Hive on the Tribaldex and Hive-Engine markets. You can then trade Hive for Bitcoin or really any other crypto or fiat currency you want.

NFT Sales

When an artist mints and sells an NFT on our marketplace, they get paid directly in their wallet. So if they mint and sell NFTs on our Hive based market, they are paid in $MUSIC tokens.

Store Sales

Sales of either music or merchandise on the BlockTunes store are paid out on a monthly basis around the 1st of the month. Sales of music or digital merchandise incur a 10% fee for the BlockTunes DAO and any print-on-demand products are a 50/50 split of the profit between the DAO and the artist.

Streaming Services

Artists that use our BlockTunes Release Service get their music distributed to the world stage via all the major platforms. Revenue from streams and sales is paid out every 3 months. It can take up to 6 months after a release to see revenue. This is something that we do not have control over and is how the services operate. We convert the the fiat into HBD and pay out directly to your Hive wallet.