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  • By minting and NFT on any of our BlockTunes collections, you are agreeing with the following terms:
  • I agree to only tokenize work I created that does not infringe on any copyright. If I am referencing someone else’s art or work for more than 5% of the content I have received their consent and or list them as a contributing artist. Exception is use of creative commons or royalty free use licenses for samples and sounds.
  • I have obtained consent and model release of all recognizable models (if any used in cover art) in this content and can provide the release upon request. This also goes for contributors, voice actors, and any piece that could be licensed, such as lines from movies, etc.
  • I will not tokenize the same piece again. The purpose of NFTs is to create scarcity, if you mint the same copies on other markets or blockchains, it dilutes the rarity of your art. Exception to this is for royalty free licenses.
  • No sexual content of children in any format is tolerated on the site. Minimum age is 18, our decision is final. Borderline pieces will be removed from display and our file system and not refunded.
  • Work that calls for violence we be removed and creator(s) banned.
  • I understand that if I violate the Terms of Service I may be blacklisted from the site.