Become a BlockTunes Artist – Headliner

A BlockTunes Headliner gets everything the Opening Act gets and more! As a BlockTunes Headliner, you are making an investment in your musical career. Not only do you get your own store, but you also get an Artist bio page, NFT Marketplace, and UNLIMITED releases to not only BlockTunes, but to the mainstream platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube Music!

BlockTunes Headliner LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – $300

  • $200 sent to the BlockTunes DAO to be invested and used for yield farming.
  • $100 is used by the BlockTunes team to pay for NFT contract and bio page development costs.

What you get…

bTUNES Tokens

As a BlockTunes Headliner, you are not purchasing your account, you are investing in it! Your investment comes with 20 bTUNES tokens sent to your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet which when held is where the DAO disbursements will be made. The money follows the token! These 20 bTUNES tokens represents your $200 investment to the DAO. Yield from the DAO is used to pay for overhead costs and the remainder is disbursed to bTUNES tokens holders on a monthly basis.

NFT Minting

Once your account is upgraded, you will have the ability to mint NFTs in the following collections:

  • OpenTunes Marketplace – This is a place to mint original work that you want to make into a rare digital collectible, or you may want to sell the royalty free rights to allow content creators and influencers the ability to use your music in their videos and presentations. There are all kind of possibilities on how to manage your NFTs.

  • Creator’s Copyright – This collection is an open collection to all verified BlockTunes artists for you to copyright your work on the blockchain. This will be a copy that you will not want to sell and will hold in your wallet, unless you are selling the actual creators rights for the work, which is giving up your rights to the music. If you are doing this… you should list it for allot of money… just saying… If you use our BlockTunes submission service, we will create this NFT for you and send it directly to your BlockTunes wallet.

  • Artist NFT Collection – BlockTunes Headliners not only get their own store, and the ability to mint NFTs in the OpenTunes and Creator’s Copyright collections, but they get their choice of their own BEP-721 (think one of a kind) or BEP-1155 (think multiple editions) collection! ** Only Available to Headliners **

Artist Bio Page

Each artist will get a bio page that will have your featured image and banner as well as a biography, links to other platforms, playlist of all your songs released on BlockTunes, and an RSS feed from your choice of Hive blog, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, etc. But wait… there’s more! We also set up a direct to artists tipping section that will have Hive tipping, both one time tipping and recurring payment options. We also add your BSC address with a QR code for direct tipping through Binance Smart Chain using any BSC BEP-20 token. If you do not have a Hive account, we set up one up for free!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a manually built page by our team so please allow up to 72 hours after you sign up for your artist bio page to be built.

Artist Central

This is a place where artists can get access to all of the BlockTunes services like the release submission service, website design, mixing and mastering, PR services, and more! This is also where artists can access their retail store dashboard where they can add their music and merch.

Artist Retail Store

Each artist account comes with a BlockTunes store. This is a place that you can list your music as a regular download, sell artist merchandise that you handle or that is handled by our print on demand partner,, as well as you will be able to showcase all of your NFTs from all blockchains and markets in one place.

For example: You may have minted items on other blockchain marketplaces such as Opensea on Ethereum or Polygon, AtomicHub on WAX, NFTShowroom on Hive, or even on the HiveLIST NFT marketplace, you can list them all as external/affiliate products on your store in the NFT Showcase category. It will be your own little artist retail store.

You will have a link to submit print on demand products and our partners will take your designs and put them on various products and list them on the store. You will receive 50% of the profits from each merchandise sale after all production, shipping, and taxes have been taken care of.

Your artist store is created automatically after sign up. Go to the My Accounts menu option, then Artist Central to locate your store dashboard!

Commission and Payment Information

BlockTunes has a base commission of 10% on each sale made on your music download store, and 50% on any print on demand products. The rest get’s paid out to you on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Any merchandise orders will also be calculated and everything sent in one payment. Artist payments made from the BlockTunes store will be paid out in BUSD tokens to your BlockTunes wallet address on file.

Artists will be paid out monthly dividends from the DAO for holding their bTUNES tokens. Dividends are currently paid out in the CAKE token, which is the token our DAO earns on a passive basis to pay artists and investors.

Payments from the mainstream platforms is collected generally every 3 months, transferred into BUSD then 90% is paid out to artists, the other 10% goes into the DAO.

Built In Binance Smart Chain Wallet

Every account, vendor or customer, also comes with a built in Binance Smart Chain wallet. You can also import your existing wallet from Metamask if you wish as well. This gives newcomers a way to get into the game without having to install Metamask. The internal wallet is only for BSC and can be used to purchase items on the store using the Pay with BSC feature! This wallet also shows users any NFTs they have in their wallet not just from BlockTunes but from any BSC NFT market! For security, our wallet is for viewing only as well as internal store payments. We use the selected address as your payment address for bTUNES tokens, NFTs, and your CAKE token dividends.

See this article for information on using Metamask and how to import your BlockTunes wallet. This will be needed for NFT collection use and for voting in the DAO.

Install Metamask

Metamask will be required for you to interact with the main NFT collections as well as to vote on the DAO. Learn about Metamask and download for Chrome/Brave browsers on Windows and Mac or IOS and Android applications.

Hive Blockchain Account

Hive is a social media blockchain with a robust community where you own your data, you can own a stake in the network, and earn various tokens for your social activity and posts. We will be doing allot of our social media communication on that network and we are partnered with Hivelist, which is the prime e-commerce platform for the community. We also set up a direct to artist tipping service with your releases that can give your fans the option of tipping one time, or setting up recurring tips!

If you do not have a Hive account yet, we will create you a free account and then send your keys via email. You will be able to change your keys later on if you wish, we do not keep a copy, so keep your keys safe! Hive and Binance Smart Chain are bridged by the Tribaldex exchange where you can deposit your BNB and BUSD from BSC and trade it for Hive, or vise versa.