This is a list of Hive articles the should answer most of your questions! Feel free to come chat in our Discord server and ask any questions you may not find the answer for.

Official BlockTunes Whitepaper

This is the official whitepaper which basically goes over all aspects of the project. Some edits and changes may be made as development goes along and things need to be adjusted.

BlockTunes Now Open To Artist Registration! Artist Store, NFT Collections, Direct To Artist Tipping, and More!

This article covers the artist registration process, NFT collection and rights information and goes over the details of direct to artist tipping and more.

Installing Metamask – Adding BSC – Importing BlockTunes Wallet to Metamask

This article talks about how to install Metamask, how to add Binance Smart Chain as a supported network, and how to import your BlockTunes BSC wallet to Metamask to use for signing DAO and NFT collection transactions.

The Vision of NFTs in the Music Industry

This article discusses our vision of how NFTs can and will be used in the music industry.

How to mint NFTs on BlockTunes – Now integrated with IPFS for Media!

This article talks about how to mint NFTs on any of the 3 NFT collections, OpenTunes, Royalty Free License, and Creator’s Copyright.

BlockTunes 1.2 Update – Release Submission Service, NFT Galleries, FAQ section, UI Changes, Bug Fixes.

This article discusses the 1.2 update which includes our new Release Submission Service details, an introduction to the NFT Gallery where artists can link in their external NFTs from other markets and blockchains, the addition of our FAQ article section, some UI changes, bug fixes, and more.

What are BlockTunes External NFT Galleries and How To Build Yours

This article discusses what the External NFT Galleries are and how artists can use them to showcase NFTs they have minted on other blockchains and marketplaces and direct their fans to those pieces.

BlockTunes 1.2.1 Update – New Artist Central Page – Form Updates – Bug Fixes

This update discusses the addition of the Artist Central page as well as talks about a couple of other minor updates and bug fixes.