Our BlockTunes Plus Release service helps you get your music out to the wild! Not just through the mainstream streaming platforms, but also we get your music minted as an NFT on our marketplace on the Hive blockchain that utilizes our native $MUSIC token for payment! We are currently working on expanding our NFT marketplace to other blockchains like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain so when that is complete we will be also minting NFTs there as well for the artist.

We mint NFTs as a Limited Reproduction Rights NFT, which when purchased will allow the user to use your music in a royalty free manner. The NFTs are minted by Blocktunes and the copies sent to the artist. The artist can then put them up for sale on our NFT marketplace and price them how they wish!

— Your music gets distributed to the mainstream platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, TikTok, and more. With this service, we handle your release and payments, making it easier for you to just make and release music! We also handle getting your ISRC code that is needed for each track in your release. We have release extras coming soon that are A-La-Cart services for each release.

— Professional promo review post written about your release which is also shared on our Hive, Twitter, and Facebook pages. This will help give your release a little bit of a promo push! Our writers are highly experienced and will give your work the best review possible!

The BlockTunes release submission service takes the hard work out of posting your music to BlockTunes and other platforms. All you do is, make music, pay the fee, fill out the form and we do the rest! When we collect the royalties from distribution, we will distribute those funds to your via HBD to your Hive account!