Releasing your music with BlockTunes offers you something that no other label or distribution company is offering! We not only can get your music into the same places as they can, but we also offer blockchain solutions like NFTs, merchandise, professionally written reviews, and more! Artist keep 100% of their rights to their work, we just do the heavy lifting for you for a 10% cut, which if not needed for overhead, is reinvested into the BlockTunes DAO. Another great thing is that we only charge you ONCE per release, no yearly fees!

Our bTUNES token on Hive will be issued to your wallet to represent your payment tokens for release. Holding these tokens will ensure you get a cut from the DAO payments. These tokens will receive a split of 30% of the monthly DAO earnings.

BlockTunes PLUS Release

Here is what you get with the BlockTunes PLUS Release Submission Service:

— 1 $bTUNES Tokens for a single, 2 $bTUNES Tokens for an EP, or 3 $bTUNES tokens for full album, which gives you ownership as an investment in the BlockTunes DAO and will be eligible for monthly dividend payments. If you have collaborators, these tokens can be split and sent to different Hive users representing the percentage of collaboration and ownership, so all members of the team can get paid a portion from the DAO.

— Standard download product setup on your artist store. This is set to a price of $1.00 by default but can be changed by the artist later in the Artist Store Dashboard. This song is fully streamable as well and is added to our main playlist in the ‘Listen’ section. The download purchase allows people to actually purchase and download a copy. The payment from the DAO you will receive monthly will more than cover any streams you would receive.

— 1 TShirt and 1 Hoodie product with your album cover art added to your artist store store here on BlockTunes which also includes the release as a package. Cover art needs to be a minimum 1400 x 1400 at 300 dpi for print purposes. Larger is better.

— Professional promo review post written about your release which is also shared on our Hive, Twitter, and Facebook pages. This will help give your release a little bit of a promo push! Our writers are highly experienced and will give your work the best review possible!

— Your music gets distributed to the mainstream platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, TikTok, and more. With this service, we handle your release and payments, making it easier for you to just make and release music! We also handle getting your ISRC code that is needed for each track in your release. We have release extras coming soon that are A-La-Cart services for each release.

*** IMPORTANT – If you use our BlockTunes PLUS service, we need to be the only distribution service you use for that release as we will be handling the mainstream distribution. ***

The BlockTunes release submission service takes the hard work out of posting your music to BlockTunes and other platforms. All you do is, make music, pay the fee, fill out the form and we do the rest!

As always, 90% of all sales from the BlockTunes store will go to the artist! The other 10% will go to the DAO!