Release Submission Form

Thank you for purchasing the BlockTunes Release Submission Service. Please fill out the information below and upload your media.

1 Song and cover for a Single

2-6 Songs and 1 cover for an EP

7-15 songs and 2 cover images (Front and Back) for Full Album

By filling out this submission you are agreeing that you are the creator of this release and any contributors have been listed. If a copyright infringement issue arises, we will investigate and if infringement is found, your store will be removed and a vote in the DAO will be cast to burn your governance token removing your voting power in the DAO. In other words, we take copyright infringement seriously. The point of blockchain is honesty and transparency and we have a ZERO tolerance for copyright violations.

You also agree to allow BlockTunes use this music in promotional mixes and streaming playlists to not only help promote your music, but the BlockTunes platform.