bTUNES Token


bTUNES token is our LP Investment token that will add value to the BlockTunes DAO. This will be your piece to the investment that will help build a new future for the music industry. This token does not give voting rights but builds value in the DAO which is voted on by members on how to use the funds. The funds are put to work in Pancakeswap DEFI farms which produces yield in their CAKE token. Each month, we vote to pay out 50% of the tokens to bTUNES investors and the other 50% is reinvested into the DAO.

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There are a limited number of tokens available on the site, but you can purchase tokens directly from our XDAO dashboard for BUSD tokens. When you buy from the DAO you are minting tokens directly.

If you purchase tokens from the site, please allow up to 24 hours to process the payment. Tokens purchased from the site are sent directly to your BlockTunes wallet address.

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